Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keeping Promises...or if you brake(sp) it...you bought it...

In every war this great nation has fought, we the people have been asked to make sacrifices of blood and treasure.  Every war except two, the war with Mexico (1846-1848) and the Iraqi war (2003-present):
  • Property taxes were raised by the individual colonies to raise money to fight the American Revolution.
  • The income tax was first initiated during the Civil War...on the wealthiest 10% of households
  • During the first and second world wars, the income tax became the 16th amendment to the Constitution. It expanded the income tax to virtually all Americans... in part to support the war efforts to win victory and secure the lifestyle that we all enjoy.
At the start of the Vietnam war, John F. Kennedy tried to cut taxes while conducting war in southeast Asia.   The staggering costs of the conflict forced the congress to rollback..  then increase taxes to shore up the budget and reduce the deficit.

Here is my question to all of you...WHY SHOULD WE NOT MAKE THE SAME  SACRIFICES our ancestors made?

I recently was reading about my family history in the old Park City, Utah newspaper (the Park record) and found the following:

Note this was the 4th war bond drive...every year you were expected to buy a $200 bond $2400 today...

In addition to income taxes, every American was expected and given a quota of war bonds to purchase.  If you hadn't signed up for your bonds....you were sought out and and visited until you made the commitment to support the war effort. In addition to gasoline rubber and other items were rationed. Americans stood together. Those sacrifices built the worlds greatest democracy and economy. 

How many bonds have you bought?

Today we have been at war eight long years,  thousands of lives and one trillion dollars later, we are not asked (nor are many willing) to buy bonds or pay more taxes......we see this:

My god, we can't even spell
We allowed congress to extend tax cuts....even to the wealthiest among us...
We allowed the passage of a an additional 2 percent cut on our Social security tax..
Rather than reduce the deficit we added another 600 billion...just in December.

What set me over the edge and prompted this blog is the proposal to cut Veterans health care 42% by 2021.

I submit to that we the people have not been at war.  The US armed forces and their families are.  We have selfishly pushed the fight on the 400, 000 service men/women and have gone our merry way for 8 years..Now rather than pay the bill and cough up a few more coins people want to REDUCE by nearly half all veteran..

It is the time to settle that debt.  If we are not willing to at least make the sacrifices (taxes) to take care of our troops...we are hypocrites...our patriotism is not worth the 2 dollars spent on that yellow ribbon we so proudly display in our car bumper

I hate paying taxes as much as the next guy but freedom isn't free...someone has to foot the bill...We cant blame the excesses on presidents or congress...it lies on us..we allowed a war and said charge it...

Is it really a surprise to anyone why we were so united during WW2....and so divided today?

We wonder why